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Liebherr LTC1050-3.1E

Liebherr LTC1050-3.1E

Zero emission, telematic mobile crane LIEBHERR LTC1050-3.1E. 


AMBER CRANES highlights the compactness of the LTC 1050-3.1E, which offers greater flexibility when taking on jobs in tight locations, especially indoors, where both its zero emissions and noise reduction in electrical operation are particularly important.
Compact design make this compact mobile crane ideal for hoisting work on very constricted sites. This is often the case in industrial buildings or urban areas. The space-saving design of LTC1050-3.1E, coupled with a variable steering concept, means that the crane can pass almost impossible obstacles even when rigged for the road. Gates in industrial buildings, walls in old towns and narrow alleys often equate to passing through the eye of a needle to get to the actual hoisting job.
The telescoping LTC1050-3.1E cabin also ensures an excellent view of the load and surrounding area – significantly increasing safety levels when used with a city crane. A very convincing argument, particularly in constricted areas.
Hydraulic drive of superstructure operated either by diesel engine or electric motor in the carrier. ECO mode. Hydraulic system with variable pump in carrier. Electrically controlled "Load-Sensing" system for hoist, luffing and telescoping gear, slewing gear in separate open oil circuit. Oil cooler. Movable crane cabin with control units for crane drive and crane operation.Monitoring of superstructure side by camera and color display. Counterweight 6.5t, fix mounted. Counterweight monitoring system. Safety equipment, LICCON2 overload protection with load moment limiter.
Lifting capacity :
50 t
Boom Length :
36 (+13) m
Height :
3880 mm
Width :
2550/6192 mm
Length :
10415 mm
Net Weight :
36 t
Complete Set of Counterweights :
6.5 t
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