Rental process


Step 1

Receiving of request

Step 2

Collecting of technical data

Step 3

Inspection on site

Step 4

Technical abilities calculations

Step 5

Work execution plan

Step 6

Choosing of machinery

Step 7

Choosing of lifting equipment

Step 8

Communicating with the customer

Step 9

Route planning

Step 10

Receiving of permits

Step 11

Carrying out of the project

Heavy Lifting Service Process


Wide range of machinery that we are constantly developing in order to be able to carry out the tasks that our customers have. Modern and safe equipment in lifting, special transport and heavy goods handling. Complete solutions served by our experienced and professional team to be able to carry out all different lifting and transporting services. Following new technologies in lifting machinery wide possibilities and development, we offer services from our local depot to any destination in Valtics, Scandinavia and Europe. All the challenging lifting processes followed by calculations and drawings, proceeded with the lifting procedure by step plan prepared by Engineering Department specialists.